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A baseline Menu to spoil your guests and tantalise your taste buds.



Traditional Spit Roast


  • Lean Beef with traditional or red wine Gravy

  • Free range Chicken with juicy stuffing

  • Pork belly with crispy crackling and apple sauce

  • Tender Lamb with mint sauce



Vegetable sides include (please pick 1-4):

  • Honey roasted pumpkin

  • Blanched asparagus

  • Blanched Brocolini

  • Minted fresh green Peas

  • Buttered green beans

  • Cauliflower cheese

  • Honey and butter glazed carrot rings

  • Jacket potato /w sour cream & chives

  • Truffled garlic potato mash

  • Buttered corn pieces


Salads include (please pick 1-4):

  • Greek salad

  • Creamy potato salad with herbs

  • Fresh garden salad

  • Creamy pasta salad

  • Creamy coleslaw

  • Crunchy asian salad



Served with a selection of warm bread rolls.

Includes set up of a buffet, all ingredients and preparation, crockery and cutlery, service-wear, service staff, quality seasonings and dressings, tear down and clean up.